Joanna Mikołajczyk, PhD
attorney at law

Advocate, member of Bar Association in Łódź. Faculty of Law and Administration graduate at Łódź University.

In 2010 after passing all required exams she gained the Ph.D degree in the area of law on the base of „Dissolution of agricultural farm co-ownership”.

Since 2010 she has been employed at the position of Assistant Professor – initially in the Institute of Agriculture Law, currently in the Department of Civil Law, in the Institute of Real Estate and Agricultural Law at Łódź University.

Her main interests embrace the agricultural real estate and structuring of the Agrarian System as well as European structural programmes for Rural Development. She especially focuses on current areas of food law. She is also specialising in forest law.

Since 2011 She has been cooperating with Student Legal Information Center – The Law Clinic and the Children rights Clinic at the faculty of Law and Administration at Łódź University. Her tasks result from the position of Civil Section Assistant.

She has also cooperated with European scientific centres such us European Humanities University in Vilnius, Vilnius University or Nijmegen University in Holland.

She has several years experience in conducting training in the range of broadly defined agricultural law and property law dedicated to: judges, court referendaries, debt collectors, notary applicants, real estate brokers, local government bodies.

She renders legal services not only in Polish but also in English.

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